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relax_tLA CASA DE LA ABUELA ... the delightful Abuela who runs this popular backpackers hostel (Lucho Hurtado´s mother) races around with an energy that defys her years. She prepares scrumptious breakfasts and chats frequently with visitors in the backyard or in one of the several games rooms (featuring fulbito, darts and ping pong). Well-kept dorm rooms, sparkling communal baths, 24hr hot water, a full kitchen ("small charge for gas") and breakfast are included ... LA CABAÑA ... this swinging dinner spot fills nightly with foreigners and well-dressed Peruvians. Decor ranges from the folkloric to the pop-cultural, and the multi-room restaurant is lit with candles and the colour of the strong sangria they pour ... sandwiches ... hamburgers ... pizzas ... generous fruit salad and ice-cream ... strong calientitos - a La Cabaña specialty. Live bands play Th-Sa from 8pm. Open daily 5-11pm, later on weekends."
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Thank you dearly for a wonderful nine days.

Gloria – Your cooking is tops! I’m going to roll to my next destination.
Abuela – You are a star!
Sara – Thanks for the help with my deberes (homework).
Winny – Thanks for playing with me, you are great fun.
Rhonda – Truly another star. I’ve had a really good time hanging out with you. Also thanks for your general therapy sessions about “learning a language.”
Lucho – Thanks for the trips to the prison and also the day out around Huancayo.
The Animals – Thanks for making me warm and cuddling me. Trumpy, I hope your leg improves soon old boy.

Hi Lucho!

Now that we are back to Glasgow I want to say how much we appreciated our wonderful visit to Huancayo.
I thought it was marvellous value and we loved all the interesting places that we visited when we were up in Huancayo.
The trip in the train was incredible.  Also the staff at Casa Abuela were so helpful. 

We loved having breakfast in the garden in the morning sunshine...

Also we had a super trip over the Nazca lines in a small Cessna plane.
It was a privilege to come to Peru - the people are so special when often life is very hard for them.
Thank you and we shall tell everyone about what you are doing up in Huancayo.
All best wishes
                                                                                                        Viv (Rory and Sula) 

Von anfang an fühlte ich mich hier wie zuhause. La casa de la Abuela ist ein sehr schönes, antikes haus mit einem schönen garten, traumhaft! Vielen dank an “la abuela”, Lucho, Nilda, Rosario, Judith, Angie, ich wurde wundervoll umsorgt von euch!! Fur die zukunft wunsche ich euch alles alles gute, viel glück und nur das beste!!! Vielleicht komme ich ja wieder...

Melder Wolfgang

Huancayo is a great city, and i feel it’s worth spending some time in the city itself as visiting surrounding villages. There’s a lovely “vegetarian” restaurant about three blocks towards the plaza de armas – it’s not vegetarian but it is very good and the staff are pretty great even if their spanish is difficult. The churches are (one near the plaza and one in the marketplace) beautiful, and the market is well worth visiting. Enjoy your stay!
Anastacia Clendinnen

 Thanks for an excellent stay guys. The beds are comfy, the food (especially the BBQ) sensational and in general a very relaxed hostel – perfect for hanging out for a few days
Kia kaha all, Phil
New Zealand

Our overnight stop at La Casa de la Abuela turned into a four day stay. A lot of the reason was due to the relaxed nature of the place and the excellent company. It’s a place with real character and I would recommend anyone to stay here. The trip out with Lucho was a fantastic day, very informative & excellent food! Gloria was an excellent host and the pets are so cute!!

Love Tanya + Lame

The past two weeks have been two of the absolute best of my life. Not only am I leaving you with a clearer head and a stronger heart, but a more enlightened spirit as well. Your family and staff, especially Abuela, Teresa, Fernando, Lynn, Gizella, Janina, and the incredible band members have left me with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime ... all my friends here will be in my heart, mind, spirit, and prayers ...
Jason S Moore

My 2 weeks here have been everything I had anticipated and much, much more. I arrived with expectations and a stereotypical view of how the Andes would be. This in no way prepared me for the warmth, beauty, friendliness and good spirits of all the people of Huancayo I have met whilst being here. Abuela, Teresa and everyone at La Casa de la Abuela have been the most wonderful hosts. The staff at La Cabaña ... have made many a night, one to be remembered -- good food, much to drink and a warm atmosphere -- which brings me to the music -- warms the heart and soul and allows unenlightened "gringos" to appreciate and get a taste of the spirit of the Andes ... the trip to Huaytapallana ... must stand out as the most incredible experience of my life.


Immeasurable thanks for all the many things you´ve organized, helped me with, allowed me to do and so on. Congratulations on putting together such a wonderful opportunity for people like me to get a real taste of the language, music, culture and atmosphere of this wonderful part of the planet! Thanks of course to Natalia who has packed my brain to bursting point with Castellano -- she is an excellent teacher. Also a "big up" to all at La Casa de La Abuela -- I had a truly fantastic week there (a special highlight was the food) ...


My Spanish has improved immeasurably thanks to your school and the hard work of Katy! What an intensive time it has been, but worth every minute. I want to thank you for the many "wanderings" in and around Huancayo, for providing a place to meet so many wonderful people, for the charango lessons, the Peruvian music, for introducing me to such a warm and embracing Peruvian family ...
Cary Hardwick

The course exceeded my expectations of learning and understanding so much in so few days. My teacher´s sense of humour made learning very easy, also she is very interested in her pupils.
Andrea Gibney

 I most enjoyed the "personal level": with one to one relation it was possible to discuss specific problems I had. My family was very nice and friendly! It was a great chance to get an inside view in the life of Peruvians!

Gabi Kathoefer

A wonderful special time, I’ll take these memories to the grave.

Wow! What a place! This is a great place to stay, really, we feel “at home” even though some thousands of kilometers away…People are friendly, are really helpful. We wish we could stay longer, but the road calls us on to Cusco. Too bad we won’t find this hotel elsewhere…
Isabelle and Valerie

 Every question we could think of was answered extensively by Natasha. An amazing help to plan our excursions to the local villages was given in a very friendly, relaxed, yet informative style. Thank U!!! We’d be doing circles without her, breathing city fumes…
Josh and Claudia,

This place rules! I got stuck here and became a bit of a joke at the hostel. “Yeah, I’m going tomorrow” was a phrase used so frequently that no one believed it. But guys, I was only here for a week longer than I said.


 This has truly been a home away from home. We came for one (unplanned) week and stayed for nearly two – and even now it’s very hard to say good-bye. Many thanks for everything (especially Gloria’s tomato soup – mmmmmm!) We shall return and hopefully travel here by train next time!

This is the best hostel so far (going down south from Ecuador) where they have a great atmosphere and you easily meet other travelers.


We were deeply impressed by our 5 day excursion into the jungle ... it is an excellent way that you manage these tours ... not only for the benefit of the tourists, but also for the benefit of the native people ... not in that exploiting colonial manner ...

Martin & Heinz

Preparing a meal in the middle of the high jungle
Thanks for the wonderful trip into the jungle ... it was an experience unique for us and gave us probably the best first-hand view of the jungle we could have gotten anywhere.....
Monika & Christopher Smith

After 6 days we returned from the High Jungle with a full stomach, stronger legs, a head swirling with new adventures and a warm and happy heart ... we all enjoyed your energy, generousity and intellectual mind ... 
Shahat, Adi, Michal, Tal & Michal

En la selva lo pase muy bien. Yo volveré a Huancayo, cuando otra vez quiere ir la selva. Lucho! La selva llena de recuerdos para mi. Muchisimas Gracias
Michiyo Tanaka

I was in the jungle in Columbia and in Ecuador ... and this was the best trip of all ... I enjoyed every minute, Lucho is the greatest guide ... Don´t miss this tour for anything!


Thank you for guiding my group so well. Everyone, including me, feels indebted to you for making this part of our trip so special ...

Mary Frame

Whatever one expects, this trip provides something more - the chance to meet people ... and the care that Lucho takes to ensure that we do not disturb their lifestyles too much ... truly unforgettable. 
Sally & Mike Hawkins

Thank you for opening my eyes and mind wide open to the land of the mountain people of the Andes.
David Mackie

 Thank you for an amazing 2 days. You took us to incredible places that I probably would never get to see otherwise. The landscape is incredible as is the way of life of the Andean people. I was fascinated by the brightness of the moon and the countless stars…some of them shooting. Thank you for the amazing conversations. What you’ve done here so far, what you are doing now, and your plans for the future are very inspiring…I will be back in Huancayo as quickly as I can.
Paul Robinson

 Lucho, il n’y a pas de mots. C’était genial! Je crois d’avoir découvert une partie de Perou qui néxiste pas dans les guides! Un depaysement total. Encore mille merci.

TRIPS – HUAYTAPALLANA... a great trip to the high altitude and grand views surrounding a special glacier ... more than just a quick backpacking trip ... we were learning all the time about the local people, their lifestyles, their struggles and food ... being able to stay with and talk to the local people was like a dream come true ... I never thought that my tourist experience in Peru would include such opportunities to really meet, interact and get to know real people and how they live.
Zachary Knapp

We never even planned to come to Huancayo! So when we had the opportunity to go out with Lucho for a day trip to Huaytapallana, we were made up! Not knowing of course, just how amazing it would be.

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