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A Train Journey Through the Peruvian Andes
This journey symbolised that the country was on the road to recovery, Lucho Hurtado (a local tour guide on the train) explained to me. “The reopening of this line is a sign that Peru is a safe place to travel again,” he said. “This railway is part of our national heritage. The whole region suffered when it closed but now the line is open again and tourists are coming back, things are going to get better.”}...
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Huancayo and the Mantaro Valley
Lucho Hurtado, who has lived in the Huancayo area all his life, is an excellent source of local information. Stay at his hostel, called La Casa de la Abuela,at 691 Giraldez street in Huancayo. Not only is it a fun place to stay if you don't mind backpacker hostels, but Lucho and his assistants are glad to give free advice on the best places in the Montaro valley to guests, including maps and directions on how tho get where you want to go...

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Incas del Peru Tour Operator
Since 1991, local owner Lucho Hurtado and his helpful staff have been the best sources of information in Huancayo about what to do, where to go and how to get there. In addition to organizing one- to five-day treks and horseback riding excursions around nearby Cordillera Huaytapallana...
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On The Trail of the Inca
To Lucho Hurtado, brainchild behind Incas del Peru in Huancayo, adventure leader, entrepreneur, community organizer, visionary, "teacher of life," ...this man never stops! In addition to running two restaurants, an inn, and organizing treks, courses, and excursions, Lucho has led the drive to revive train service on the historic Central Andean line...
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Central Peru
Looking for a quick escape from the hot Lima summer? Just a few hours away from Lima by bus, Huancayo is the perfect escape for those looking to experience the central Andes. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Andean escape...
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Traveling Through the Andes Mountains

If you are a train fanatic, or simply wish to enjoy a relaxing ride through the highest mountains in the Western Hemisphere, you may want to consider travel by train from the Peruvian capital of Lima to the mountain city of Huancayo...
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Exploration Cochas Chico/Grande, Peru
About six miles outside of Huancayo, Peru discover a little village called Cochas Chico and Cochas Grande. This village has much to offer the traveler, including great biking trails, fun festivals and award winning gourd carvers...
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Train Trip to Huancayo
The bus trip from Huaraz to Lima was 8 hours. We were meeting two new friends there who would be joining us for the rest of our trip. Brenda and John are cruiser friends on ¨Willow¨, now in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. It was a great reunion at our pretty Posada del Parque in Lima. More on our stay in Lima later...
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