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Huaytapallana - 1 Day

   Camino Huanca 5 Days  

 Huaytapallana  1 Day  Trek

Huaytapallana 2 Days, 1 Night Excursion

Huaytapallana 3 Days Trek

We will begin our drive along the Shullcas River. As we climb the winding road to Acopalca, located at 3500 meters above sea level, we’ll take note of the change in ecology. Here the ichu grass, trees and other vegetation are replaced by curious cactus and bromilieas hanging from the rocky crag of the mountain.

huaytapallanaWe'll get a taste for the Andean way of life with our Andean friends in the town of Rondapampa. Next we'll continue on the starting point of our trek. The initial portion of our hike is a bit steep. It can take up to an hour to make this climb but we'll be sure to stop intermittently along the way to rest.

After a rest at the first pass we'll trek around the lakes, just enjoying the views. Within two hours we'll have made our way to Cochas Grande, an emerald lake of glacial water. From here we'll climb to the rock walls of Huaytapallana Glacier. It's a steep and challenging climb but not dangerous. Once we reach the glacier line we'll pay our respects to Apu and absorb the view.

As we make our way down the mountain to the trail we'll stop for a snack, continue trekking around the lakes and finally traversing a few hills to make our way back to the starting point.

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