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High Jungle Trip
highjungle1_tSome years ago I started traveling, sharing trails & experiences with many travelers, while exploring different areas of Peru. But this special trip was my first step to learn that simplicity is the key to fun. Nature Lovers: with just a few days in this cloud forest spot you will feel like you are in paradise!!!

We leave Huancayo early in the morning. Going up to 4,200 m, we pass over the high areas of the Andean mountains, drop down to Tarma, and then continue driving down to La Merced, where we will already be in the High Jungle at only 700 m. The humidity and greenery combined with comfortable warmth gives the impression that you are already deep in the jungle. From La Merced we take a car to Puente Paucartambo, take a little stop for lunch, then we drive up to the green mountains on track to the farm. After a long but beautiful drive, we will have a friendly welcome dinner and a well-deserved rest.

highjungle2_t SECOND DAY:
After a good breakfast the first walk gets rid of the dust of the day before as we walk to a beautiful waterfall. This is a really nice place to have a shower - Adam & Eve style if you wish - surrounded by butterflies and beautiful plants. A pleasant start for a first day hike! After the shower we walk to visit some of the neighbors. This is an occasion to get some fruit, coffee & roots to supplement our good meals for the next few days. Then back to the hut for lunch. For the afternoon there is a nice little hike to get some exercise, a bit of rock climbing, a bit of forest and lots of fun. Good training for tomorrow’s riverside walk. Back at the hut we can get some dinner, play cards or enjoy jungle noises and the stars.

After breakfast we start a bit of a long hike, but well trained legs will take us down to the Peña Plaza River. On the way birds, butterflies & occasional squirrels can be seen. The way down to the river is picturesque but challenging. There are several beautiful waterfalls and pools in which you can shower and bathe, if you choose. Heading out of the river the trail passes by some farms with lots of coffee, avocados, bananas and other plantations. A small snack will be served at the river but the main meal is back at the hut.

highjungle3_t FOURTH DAY:
This is a big one, as we go down to the river by a steeper, more adventurous route. Very carefully, using a rope, we climb down and up during some 4-5 hours, passing waterfalls, canyons, lots of beautiful spots and ending with a steep climb through the bush. I bet you will enjoy it, even if you end up covered in dirt and vegetation! A well-deserved dinner will be served back at home, and during the day, a small snack lunch.

Today we get up early at 5:00am, to return to La Merced & then Huancayo. There are really beautiful views in the morning - all the clouds down in the valley look like rivers of mist and as we go down we meet with the mist as it lifts - a lovely feeling! A walk to the suspension bridge is a pleasant and easy one. From La Merced to Huancayo you will experience a scenic 5 hours drive and we will complete our journey with dinner and a good Calientito at “La Cabaña “ .

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