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Biking 1 Day Excursion

Here we have a bit of an example about our biking trips:

  • Departure: 8 a.m.
  • Return: 6 p.m.
  • Minimum: 4 persons
  • Maximum: 12 persons

biking1_tAt 8 a.m. we’ll meet at La Cabaña & Incas. Once we sort our equipment, distribute maps and review some basic instructions, we’re off! We’ll head east out of Huancayo, taking back streets to avoid the traffic. Before leaving town we’ll stop to explore Parque de la Identidad, an artistic and architectural phenomenon.After a tour and explanation of the park we’ll follow hidden trails via Cullpa to the town of Cochas Chico, renowned for its expert gourd carving. The route to Cochas is a gradual climb uphill. Once we reach the summit a panoramic view of Huancayo and the Mantaro Valley will be before us. Upon entering Cochas we’ll pay a visit to several artisans for an impressive demonstration of the gourd carving process. Visitors will be amazed by how the simplest of tools in the hands of a skilled craftsperson produces the most intricate design work. We’ll come away with a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the skill and dedication required for this artistic pursuit.From Cochas we’ll wind our way through Paccha and Hualahoyo, ultimately reaching the town of Hualhuas. In Hualhuas are some of the finest textile weavers in all of Peru. Here we will observe first-hand the traditional weaving techniques of the Andean region. To complete our cultural tour we’ll head to San Jeronimo, the center of silver filigree production. After a visit with some of the local artisans we’ll take lunch in a spot overlooking the Mantaro Valley. Following lunch it’s a 2-hour ride back to Huancayo, crossing the Mantaro River along the way, to complete our 45 km tour.

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