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Artesan Circuit

Artesan Circuit

Historical Circuit

We leave Huancayo at 9 a.m. Our first stop will be a suprising little spot ... Parque de la Identidad, a nice Stone-Crafted Park. Here we enjoy the legends and traditions of the Mantaro Valley. The Park´s style is a type of Gaudi Arquitecture, mixed with Peruvian Craft.

We then go towards Cochas, a village famous for its Carved Gourds. We will visit the families who work these special crafts and will watch a demonstration of their work.


Next stop is Hualhuas, a village of weavers, and we can see the different kinds of tapestries, blankets and sweaters. You will learn, from the artesans, about native cameloids, fibres and wools, as well as natural dyes and spinning techniques.


Leaving Hualhuas we will travel to San Jeronimo, where the Silverwork is the specialty of this village and we will see a skillful demonstration by Peruvian hands.

A fun morning of crafts and culture gone, we travel to Ingenio to enjoy some good trout. There are many varieties of delicious trout dishes and we are in the valley of the producers of the freshest trout lunch!

Now we go to a historical place ... The Ocopa Monastery, the starting point of the missions to the jungle by the Franciscan Monks, commencing in 1725. Here is your chance to understand how religion has influenced our culture, leaving a deep mark in our history.

We leave Ocopa, making our way back to Huancayo, ending our circuit at La Cabaña.

This full day guided excursions will show you the real lives of the people of our Mantaro Valley. Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to buy works from the craftspeople themselves.


Alternatively we can arrange for the artesans to bring a number of items to our office and you can select and pay for them there as well.
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